All additional guicey integartion modules are maintained as separate project: dropwizard-guicey-ext


Module versions are based on guicey version: $guiceyVersion-N. For example, 5.0.0-1 means first release of extensions for guicey 5.0.0.

This convention is commonly used for dropwizard extension modules.

Module Description
BOM Maven BOM for modules and their dependencies
Admin REST Admin context rest support.
Lifecycle annotations @PostConstruct, @PostStartup, @PreDestroy support
EventBus Guava eventbus integration
JDBI JDBI integration (based on dropwizard-jdbi)
JDBI3 JDBI3 integration (based on dropwizard-jdbi3)
SPA HTML5 routing support for single page applications
Server pages JSP-like templates support (based on dropwizard-views)
Validation use validation annotations on guice beans (same behaviour as rest)