Admin REST

Mirror all resources in admin context: on admin side special servlet simply redirects all incoming requests into the jersey context. Hides admin-only resources from user context: resource is working under admin context and return 404 on user context.

Such approach is better than registering a completely separate jersey context for admin rest because of no overhead and the simplicity of jersey extensions management.

Features: * All user context rest available in admin context * Admin-only resources not visible in user context


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Remove version in dependency declaration below if you using the BOM extensions.




implementation 'ru.vyarus.guicey:guicey-admin-rest:5.1.0-2'

See the most recent version in the badge above.


Register bundle:

    .bundles(new AdminRestBundle());

In this case, rest is registered either to '/api/', if main context rest is mapped to root ('/') or to the same path as main context rest.

To register on a custom path:

.bundles(new AdminRestBundle("/custom/*"));


In case if multiple bundles registered, only first registration will be used (due to de-duplication)


In order to hide specific resource methods or entire resources on the main context, annotate resource methods or resource classes with the @AdminResource annotation.

For example:

public String admin() {
    return "admin"

This (annotated) method will return 404 error when called from main context, but should function normally when called from the admin context.