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Web listener installer

WebInstallersBundle / WebListenerInstaller

Web installers are not enabled by default. Enable it with bundle.useWebInstallers().

Register new web listener in main or admin contexts.


Detects classes annotated with @javax.servlet.annotation.WebListener annotation and register them in dropwizard environment.

public class MyListener implements ServletContextListener, ServletRequestListener {...}

Listener could implement multiple listener interfaces and all types will be registered.

Supported listeners (the same as declared in annotation):

  • javax.servlet.ServletContextListener
  • javax.servlet.ServletContextAttributeListener
  • javax.servlet.ServletRequestListener
  • javax.servlet.ServletRequestAttributeListener
  • javax.servlet.http.HttpSessionListener
  • javax.servlet.http.HttpSessionAttributeListener
  • javax.servlet.http.HttpSessionIdListener

By default, dropwizard is not configured to support sessions. If you define session listeners without configured session support then warning will be logged (and servlet listeners will actually not be registered). Error is not thrown to let writing more universal bundles with listener extensions (session related extensions will simply not work). If you want to throw exception in such case, use special option:

bundle.option(InstallersOptions.DenySessionListenersWithoutSession, true)


Use guicey @Order annotation to order servlets registration.

public class MyListener implements ServletContextListener {...}

Admin context

By default, installer target application context. If you want to install into admin context then use guicey @AdminContext annotation.

For example:

public class MyListener implements ServletContextListener {...}

Will install filter in admin context only.

If you want to install in both contexts use andMain attribute:

@AdminContext(andMain = true)
public class MyListener implements ServletContextListener {...}