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Release notes

4.2.2 (2018-11-26)

  • Update to guice 4.2.2 (java 11 compatible)
  • Update to dropwizard 1.3.7
  • Fix inner non static classes detection by classpath scan
  • Fix lifecycle debug messages decoration (unicode fix)

4.2.1 (2018-07-23)

  • Show warning when configuration path's value resolution failed instead of startup fail (#53)
  • Add GuiceyOptions.BindConfigurationByPath to be able to disable configuration introspection (for edge cases) (#53)
  • Fix unique sub configuration object access (#54)

4.2.0 (2018-06-25)

  • Update to guice 4.2.0
    • remove guice-multibindings dependency as it's moved to guice core
  • Update to dropwizard 1.3.5
  • Add more disable items (mostly for tests): guicey bundles, guice modules (directly registered) and extensions:
    • Guicey bundles disabled through main builder only: .disableBundles()
    • Other disable methods available in both main bundle and guicey bundles bootstrap:
      • .disableModules(Class...) - disable guice modules
      • .disableExtensions(Class...) - extensions disabling (for possible replacement)
      • generic disable method by predicate: .disable(Predicate) (for example, disable all extensions in package or all installed by some bundle etc.)
  • Add direct support for guice bindings override (using Modules.override() internally) to main bundle and guicey bundle bootstrap: .modulesOverride(Module...)
    • Add BindingsOverrideInjectorFactory to override already overridden bindings (with modulesOverride) in test (edge case)
  • Add hooks for configuration override in integration tests (#23):
    • New GuiceyConfigurationHook interface: hook receive bundle builder instance after application configuration and so could modify configuration (with new disable* methods)
    • Junit:
      • New rule GuiceyConfigurationRule for hook registration
    • Spock:
      • New @UseGuiceyConfiguration extension allows base hook definition (in base class)
      • New attribute hooks in @UseGuiceyApp and @UseDropwizardApp extensions to declare test-specific hooks
  • Add guicey lifecycle events (16 events): provide access to all possible internal state, available at this moment. It may be used to write instance specific features (post processing) or just advanced logging
    • Add new method in main bundle or guicey bundle bootstrap: .listen(GuiceyLifecycleListener...)
    • Add guicey lifecycle phases reporting methods in main bundle (useful for debugging startup logic):
      • .printLifecyclePhases() - identify configuration stages in console logs
      • .printLifecyclePhasesDetailed() - identify lifecycle phases with detailed configuration report (in console logs)
  • Improve options support:
    • Add OptionsAwareModule interface to let guice modules access options
    • Add OptionsMapper helper to simplify mapping of system properties and environment variables in builder.options()
  • Add ability to manage jersey extensions with HK2 by default (#41). It's like using @HK2Managed on all jersey-related beans (resources, filters etc). This is useful, for example, if you get common to jersey resources features like @Context injection.
    • Add option InstallersOptions.JerseyExtensionsManagedByGuice set to false enable HK2 management by default. HK2 bridge must be enabled (GuiceyOptions.UseHkBridge) for HK2-first mode (exception thrown if not).
    • Add @GuiceManaged annotation to mark exceptions in HK2-first mode (when @HK2Managed become useless). In guice-first mode this annotation is useless.
    • Builder shortcut: .useHK2ForJerseyExtensions() to simplify HK2-first mode enabling.
  • Guice beans scope-related improvements:
    • Singleton scope is not forced for jersey extensions with explicit scoping annotation
    • Add option for disabling forced singletons for jersey extensions: InstallerOptions.ForceSingletonForJerseyExtensions
    • Add annotation for guice prototype scope: @Prototype. Useful to declare some jersey extensions as default-scoped even when forced singletons enabled
    • Fix guice request scope delegation support (ServletScopes.transferRequest) for jersey-manager request objects (#49)
  • Add Bootstrap object accessible in GuiceyBundle: bootstrap() (return dropwizard bootstrap object)
  • Add ConfigScope enum for special scopes description (to not remember special classes).
    • Add shortcut methods in config related apis (Filters, Disables, GuiceyConfigurationInfo)
  • (breaking) Config reporting api changes:
    • Diagnostic report configuration method rename: DiagnosticConfig.printDisabledInstallers renamed to printDisabledItems and affects now all disabled items
    • Diagnostic tree report could hide application scope in ContextTreeConfig.hideScopes(ConfigItems.Application)
  • New configuration bindings:
    • Configuration object could be bound as:
      • any class from configuration class hierarchy (as before)
      • any class from hierarchy with @Config qualifier: @Inject @Config Configuration conf
      • interface, implemented by any class in hierarchy with qualifier: @Inject @Config ConfInterface config
      • (Deprecated) GuiceyOptions.BindConfigurationInterfaces: when enabled it would bind configuration with interface (as before), but prefer binding interfaces with qualifier (@Config), which is always available. Option will be removed in the future versions
      • (Deprecated) bundle's builder.bindConfigurationInterfaces()
    • Configuration value (property value) could be bound by path: @Inject @Config("server.serverPush.enabled") Boolean enabledPush Or entire sub configuration object: @Inject @Config("server") ServerFactory serverCfg
    • Sub configuration objects could be bound without path if object type appear only once in configuration: @Inject @Config ServerFactory serverCfg
    • ConfigurationTree - configuration introspection object is available for direct binding
      • and from GuiceyConfigurationInfo bean: getConfigurationTree()
    • Alternative configuration access:
      • New configuration access methods available inside GuiceyBundle and module (DropwizardAwareModule):
        • configuration(String) - configuration value by path
        • configuration(Class) - unique sub configuration object
        • configurations(Class) - all sub configuration objects with assignable type (on any depth)
        • configurationTree() - access raw introspection data for more complex searches
    • Reports to see available config bindings (before injector creation for potential problems solving) in main bundle:
      • .printConfigurationBindings() - log all bindings (including dropwizard Configuration)
      • .printCustomConfigurationBindings() - log only custom bindings (from custom configuration classes)
  • Includes much improved generics-resolver

4.1.0 (2017-05-09)

  • Update to dropwizard 1.1.0
  • Add StartupErrorRule to simplify dropwizard startup error testing
  • (breaking) HK2 guice-bridge dependency become optional. New option GuiceyOptions.UseHkBridge could be used to enable bridge (#28)
  • Fix NPE when used with JRebel (#29)
  • Add binding for jersey (#26)
  • Fix loggers for GuiceyAppRule (junit) and @UseGuiceyApp (spock) (#32)
  • Fix guava conflict in guicey pom. Make guicey pom usable as BOM.

4.0.1 (2016-11-18)

  • Update to dropwizard 1.0.5 and fix compatibility (#24)
  • Fix guice version conflict for maven (#20)

4.0.0 (2016-08-22)

  • Update to dropwizard 1.0.0
  • (breaking) Remove AdminServletInstaller and AdminFilterInstaller (replaced with new web bundle)
  • Add WebInstallersBundle (not installed by default) to install servlet and filters in both main and admin contexts:
    • WebFilterInstaller installs filters annotated with java.servlet.annotation.WebFilter
    • WebServletInstaller installs servlets annotated with java.servlet.annotation.WebServlet
    • WebListenerInstaller installs filters annotated with java.servlet.annotation.WebListener
  • Add general options mechanism. Used to generify core guicey options, provide runtime options access (for bundles and reporting) and allow 3rd party bundles use it's own low-level options.
    • GuiceyBootstrap option(option) method provides access to defined options from bundles
    • Options guice bean provide access to options from guice services
    • Installers could access options by implementing WithOptions interface
    • OptionsInfo guice bean used for accessing options metadata (also accessible through GuiceyConfigurationInfo.getOptions())
    • Options reporting added to DiagnosticBundle
  • (breaking) remove GuiceBunldle methods: searchCommands(boolean), configureFromDropwizardBundles(boolean), bindConfigurationInterfaces(boolean) (use either shortcuts without parameters or generic options method instead)
  • (breaking) core installers bundle now always installed (for both auto scan and manual modes). May be disabled with GuiceyOptions.UseCoreInstallers option
  • (breaking) configuration info api (GuiceyConfigurationInfo.getData()) changed to use java8 Predicate instead of guava
  • (breaking) InjectorLookup changed to use java8 Optional instead of guava
  • Add ability to customize guice filter mapping DispatcherTypes (by default only REQUEST): GuiceyOptions.GuiceFilterRegistration option
  • Add ability to disable guice filter registration and guice servlet modules support (no request and session scopes, but request and response still may be injected in resources)
  • Jersey request specific services UriInfo, HttpHeaders, SecurityContext, Request, ContainerRequest, AsyncContext no longer bound in request scope (scope controlled by HK2)
  • Add methods to GuiceBundle builder:
    • option(option, value) - used to specify custom option value
    • options(Map) - used to provide multiple options at once (for custom options lookup mechanisms)
    • printAvailableInstallers() - diagnostic reporting configured to show only available installers (to easily spot available features)
    • useWebInstallers() - shortcut for installing WebInstallersBundle
    • noGuiceFilter() - disables guice filter installation for both contexts and guice servlet modules support
    • noDefaultInstallers() - disables CoreInstallersBundle automatic installation

3.3.0 (2016-08-02)

  • Update to guice 4.1.0
  • Update to dropwizard 0.9.3
  • Grant compatibility with guice options: disableCircularProxies, requireExactBindingAnnotations and requireExplicitBindings
  • ResourceInstaller looks for @Path on directly implemented interface (#10)
  • Fix bundles lookup reporting (correct multiline)
  • Fix duplicate extensions installation when registered both manually and by auto scan
  • Restrict extension installation to one installer (first matching, according to installers order)
  • Improve dropwizard configuration class binding:
    • Complete configuration hierarchy bound (root, all classes between root and Configuration and Configuration itself)
    • (optional) Bind interfaces directly implemented by classes in configuration hierarchy except interfaces from java and groovy packages (it's common to use HasSomeConfig interface convention and now interface may be directly used for binding (when bindConfigurationInterfaces()))
  • Add GuiceyBootstrap methods (extend GuiceyBundle abilities):
    • bundles(): add transitive guicey bundles support (to install other guicey bundles from bundle). Duplicate bundles are detected by type.
    • application(): returns current application instance
  • Rewrite internal configuration mechanism (bundles, installers etc) to generalize it and introduce complete configuration tracking: store registration sources, disabling, used installers and other specific information for each item
    • Add GuiceyConfigurationInfo service to access tracked guicey configuration information (may be used for configuration diagnostic purposes, performing post configuration checks, printing complete configuration tree etc)
    • Add DiagnosticBundle to log configuration items diagnostic information. Log format is configurable. Rendering is externalized and may be re-used (e.g. for web page).
  • Add GuiceBundle builder configuration options:
    • bindConfigurationInterfaces() to enable configuration interface bindings
    • strictScopeControl() is shortcut to enable HK2DebugBundle (to control beans creation scope during development and tests)
    • printDiagnosticInfo() is shortcut to enable DiagnosticBundle with default preset (enable diagnostic logs)
    • shortcut methods for disabled boolean options: searchCommands(), configureFromDropwizardBundles() and bindConfigurationInterfaces()

NOTE: if used FeaturesHolder (internal api bean), now it's renamed to ExtensionsHolder to force upgrade: use new GuiceyConfigurationInfo bean instead (public api)

3.2.0 (2016-01-23)

  • Clear possible duplicate guicey bundle instances
  • Add GuiceyBundleLookup to automatically resolve and install guicey bundles from various sources.
    • Default: check 'guicey.bundles' system property and install bundles described there. May be useful for tests to enable debug bundles.
    • Default: use ServiceLoader mechanism to load declared GuiceyBundle services. Useful for automatic loading of third party extensions.
    • Add builder bundleLookup method to register custom lookup implementation
    • Add builder disableBundleLookup to disable default lookups
    • Default lookup implementation logs all resolved bundles
  • Fix JerseyProviderInstaller: prevent HK2 beans duplicate instantiations; fix DynamicFeature support.
  • Add HK2DebugBundle. When enabled, checks that beans are instantiated by guice only and annotated with @HK2Managed are managed by HK2 only. May be used in tests as extra validation.
  • Add JerseyFeatureInstaller (included in code bundle) which installs Useful for low level configuration.
  • Update to dropwizard 0.9
  • Revert system exit on guice injector creation error (added in 3.1.1)

3.1.1 (2015-11-24)

  • Exit on guice injector creation error.
  • Add classpath scan packages validation for intersection (to prevent duplicate instances)

3.1.0 (2015-09-06)

  • JerseyProviderInstaller:
  • add support for: ParamConverterProvider, ContextResolver, MessageBodyReader, MessageBodyWriter, ReaderInterceptor, WriterInterceptor, ContainerRequestFilter, ContainerResponseFilter, DynamicFeature, ApplicationEventListener
  • support multiple extension interfaces on the same bean
  • Introduce bundles (GuiceyBundle) to simplify extensions:
  • core installers now registered with CoreInstallersBundle and classpath scan on core installers package is removed
  • builder bundles() method to add guicey bundles
  • builder configureFromDropwizardBundles method enables all registered dropwizard bundles lookup if they implement GuiceyBundle (unified extension mechanism)
  • Add admin context rest support (AdminRestBundle)
  • Add request scoped beans support in admin context

3.0.1 (2015-07-04)

  • Add DropwizardAwareModule abstract module to remove boilerplate of using all aware interfaces

3.0.0 (2015-04-26)

  • Fix HealthCheckInstaller: now installs only NamedHealthCheck classes and ignore other HealthCheck types (which it can't install properly)
  • (breaking) Remove static state from GuiceBundle:
  • GuiceBundle.getInjector method remain, but its now instance specific (instead of static)
  • Injector could be referenced statically using application instance: InjectorLookup.getInjector(app).get()
  • JerseyInstaller interface signature changed: now install method receives injector instance

2.2.0 (2015-04-17)

  • Fix ExceptionMapper registration
  • Add installers ordering support with @Order annotation. Default installers are ordered now with indexes from 10 to 100 with gap 10 (to simplify custom installers injection between them)

2.1.2 (2015-03-03)

  • Spock 1.0 compatibility

2.1.1 (2015-01-25)

  • Dropwizard 0.8-rc2 compatibility

2.1.0 (2015-01-04)

  • Add ability to customize injector creation (required by some guice third party modules, like governator). Contributed by Nicholas Pace
  • Add spock extensions to use injections directly in specification (like spock-guice do)

2.0.0 (2014-11-25)

  • Dropwizard 0.8 integration (as result, no more depends on jersey-guice, but depends on guice-bridge(HK2)). Jersey integration completely rewritten.
  • Add JerseyInstaller installer type
  • Add @LazyBinding annotation, which allows extension not to be registered in guice context (it will be created on first request)

1.1.0 (2014-10-23)

  • Fix interface generics resolution to support nested generics and moved generics resolution into GenericsUtils instead of FeatureUtils
  • Drop java 1.6 compatibility, because dropwizard is 1.7 compatible
  • Add junit rule for lightweight testing (run guice without starting jetty)

1.0.0 (2014-10-14)

  • Add dependency on guice-multibindings
  • Installers may choose now from three types of installation (binding, type or instance) or combine them.
  • Add PluginInstaller: shortcut for multibindings mechanism
  • Updated guice (4.0.beta4 -> 4.0.beta5)
  • Force singleton for resources
  • @Eager renamed to @EagerSingleton and now forces singleton scope for bean
  • Add dropwizard style reporting for installed features (like resources or tasks)
  • Removed JerseyInjectableProviderInstaller. Now injectable providers must be annotated with @Provider
  • Add extensions ordering support using @Order annotation (by default for LifeCycle and Managed installers)
  • Add admin context filter and servlet installers
  • Rename bundle options: features -> installers, disabledFeatures -> disabledInstallers, beans -> extensions

0.9.0 (2014-09-05)

  • Initial release