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Grouping tasks

checkQuality[Main] task

Each quality plugin (checkstyle, pmd, spotbugs etc) registers separate quality task for each source set. For example, checkstyleMain and checkstyleTest.

But check task will only depend on tasks for configured source sets (quality.sourceSets).

For example, by default, only main source set is configured, so only checkstyleMain assigned to check. Anyway, checkstyleTest task is registered and may be called directly (even if it's not used for project validation).

By analogy, quality plugin register grouping task for each available source set: checkQualityMain, checkQualityTest etc. These tasks simply calls all quality tasks relative to source set. For example, if we have java quality plugins registered then calling checkQualityMain will call checkstyleMain, pmdMain and spotbugsMain.

This is just a handy shortcut to run quality check tasks for exact source set without running tests (like main check). Generally usable to periodically check code violations.