Getting started


Plugin is available from maven central, bintray jcenter and gradle plugins portal.

buildscript {
    repositories {
    dependencies {
        classpath 'ru.vyarus:gradle-quality-plugin:2.4.0'
apply plugin: 'ru.vyarus.quality'


plugins {
    id 'ru.vyarus.quality' version '2.4.0'


Plugin must be applied after java or groovy plugins. Otherwise it will do nothing.


Plugin is compiled for java 6, but pmd 5.5 requires java 7 and checkstyle 7 requires java 8. So, by default, you will need java 8.

If you are using lower java versions either use previous plugin release (1.3.0) or manually specify lower checkstyle and pmd (if required java 6) versions using checkstyleVersion = '6.19' and pmdVersion = '5.4.2' properties (note that you may need to customize provided default rules configurations to disable rules not yet available in your tool versions).


Plugin will auto detect java and groovy sources and activate required quality plugins. All tools will be configured with the default opinionated configs.

$ gradlew check

Will execute all quality plugins. Alternatively, you can use grouping task to run checks without tests.

If any violations were found then build will fail with all violations printed to console. For example like this:

23 PMD rule violations were found in 2 files

[Comments | CommentRequired] sample.( 
  headerCommentRequirement Required


Or you can use build task (which also calls check):

$ gradlew build


It's better to fix all quality issues before commit.

Non strict mode

You can switch off strict mode to avoid build failure when quality violations are found:

quality {
    strict = false

You will still see all violations in the output.


Sometimes (quite rare) tool could be wrong or your situation could require violation break. In this case violation could be suppressed: see exact tool page for suppression hints.