Welcome to dropwizard-guicey

Guice 5.0.1 integration for dropwizard 2.0.20.
Compiled for java 8, binary compatible with java 11.

Release Notes - History - Javadoc - Support - License

If you migrate from dropwizard 1.x then see dropwizard upgrade instructions and guicey migration guide.

Main features



If guicey makes your life easier, you can support its development.

How to use docs


  • Getting started guide describes installation and shows core usage examples
  • Concepts overview guide introduce core guicey concepts and explains differences with pure dropwizard usage
  • Gucie the essence of guice integration
  • Testing describes integration testing techniques
  • Decomposition guide on writing re-usable modules


  • User guide contain detailed features descriptions. Good to read, but if no time, read as you need it.
  • Installers describes all guicey installers. Use it as a extensions hand book.
  • Modules extension modules
  • Examples important usage examples. Look also examples repository for additional examples.

Sources structure