Welcome to dropwizard-guicey

Guice 4.2.2 integration for dropwizard 2.0.0.
Compiled for java 8, binary compatible with java 11.

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Main features



If guicey makes your life easier, you can support its development.

How to use docs


  • Getting started guide describes installation and shows core usage examples
  • Concepts overview guide introduce core guicey concepts and explains differences with pure dropwizard usage
  • Gucie the essence of guice integration
  • Testing describes integration testing techniques
  • Decomposition guide on writing re-usable modules


  • User guide contain detailed features descriptions. Good to read, but if no time, read as you need it.
  • Installers describes all guicey installers. Use it as a extensions hand book.
  • Modules extension modules
  • Examples important usage examples. Look also examples repository for additional examples.

Sources structure