Welcome to gradle quality plugin

Plugin activates and configures quality tools for java and groovy projects using Checkstyle, PMD, CPD, SpotBugs,
CodeNarc. Plugin unifies console output for all quality plugins, which greatly simplifies developer workflow: only console required for working with violations and makes it feel the same as java compiler errors.


Google's error-prone is not included because checkstyle and pmd covers all error-prone checks and quality plugin makes all tools behave the same way as error-prone, but without java compiler modifications and environment specific setup.

Release notes - License

Main Features

  • Zero configuration by default: provided opinionated configs applied to all quality plugins
    • Default configuration files may be customized
  • Adds extra javac lint options to see more warnings
  • Complete console output for all quality plugins
  • Html and xml reports for all plugins (custom xsl used for findbugs html report because it can't generate both xml and html reports)
  • Grouping tasks to run registered quality plugins for exact source set (e.g. checkQualityMain)

How to use docs

  • Getting started covers installation and main usage info. Ideal for introduction.
  • User guide section contain detailed behavior description. Good to read, but if no time, read as you need it.
  • Tools section describes exact quality tool configuration and usage aspects. Use it as a hand book.
  • Tasks section describes custom tasks.